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Conversations that Create Community

Series: Conversations that Change the World

Conversations that Create Community

March 12, 2023 | Rev. Randy Knighten

Join us for worship (whether Monday afternoon or sometime mid-week) as Rev. Randy Knighten will share the message, Conversations that Create Community. This week's liturgist will be Pat Stewart and our Words of Life will come from John 4:5-42. Shelley Walters will lead prayers and children's time by Laura Schwarcz. Cina Crisara, pianist Ed Snoufer, and the Chancel Choir will lead this week's music.

Series Information

This Lenten season, Saint John’s will examine individual conversations people had with Jesus and how we can listen to what Christ says to us today. Join us on a 1st century and 21st century journey of change, challenge, and comfort – for these are the conversations that change the world.

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