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The Endowment Fund of Saint John's United Methodist Church was established In 1976 to provide members and friends of the church the opportunity to make charitable gifts to a permanent endowment of financial support. By including Saint John's in your will or estate plans, you have a significant role in strengthening our church's vital mission both locally and around the world.

An endowment is the time-honored method of allocating certain gifts to an investment fund. When you leave assets to the Endowment Fund, your gift becomes a legacy of annual giving to Saint John's in perpetuity. With such a gift, you will have the assurance that you are helping to secure our congregation's well-being for generations to come.

In Honor or Memory

A contribution to the Endowment Fund is a gift that keeps on giving. You might call it a "perpetual pledge." Even beyond your lifetime, your gift will continue to support the mission and ministries of Saint John's.

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Put Saint John's in Your Will

Even if you already have a will, you may be able to amend it through a simple codicil. You will want to include a version of the following sentence in your estate plan or beneficiary documents: I give [the amount or percent of estate and/or type of asset] to the Endowment Fund of Saint John's United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas, to further the mission and ministries of the church.

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Celebrate a Birthday

A donation to the Endowment Fund is a wonderful way to celebrate the birthday of someone special to you. We will notify the honoree of the donation made in honor of their birthday.

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See Your Impact

Recent Grants Include:

Photo of the interior of the sanctuary

Necessary Updates to our Sanctuary
Sound System Improvements
Livestream capabilities
Establishing a sustainable youth ministry 


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Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Endowment Fund need my gift?

Yes, gifts of all types and sizes are needed and welcomed by the Endowment Fund to provide long-term financial support for emerging needs of the church.

Will my gift be spent?

All gifts to Saint John's permanent Endowment Fund are invested, never spent. The principal in the Endowment Fund remains invested to perpetuate the Fund. Assets are prudently managed by the

Endowment Committee, earning income each year. As the principal grows, so does the income, a percentage of which is designated to support ongoing church ministries.

What are the methods of donating?

There are several ways to designate gifts to Saint John's Endowment Fund, providing a lasting tribute to God though supporting the ministries of our church. Methods include:

Contributions by you while living, so you may receive the tax benefits now

IRA or retirement account designation (all or part) Personal property This list is for information only. Please consult your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor for donation methods best suited to your situation.

How does the fund operate?

Management of the fund is entrusted to the Saint John's Endowment Committee, which is composed of nine members elected annually by the Charge Conference. It includes six members elected at-large for three-year overlapping terms, along with the chairs of the Church Council, Finance Committee, and Board of Trustees. The Committee has specific duties defined by the United Methodist Church Book of Discipline and is operated under the direction and guidelines of the Saint John's Charge Conference. The Endowment Fund is invested with the Texas Methodist Foundation.

What is the future vision for Saint John's United Methodist Church?

While only God knows the future of our church, undoubtedly the church's vision will be accomplished using the congregation's minds, hands, hearts, and financial resources. things, things unknown and unimaginable to us today. The Endowment Fund is a permanent source of funding for expanding the reach of God's kingdom through Saint John's and into the world. Praise God for all of these opportunities


If you have any further questions, please contact Jennifer Heath, Business Administrator.