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Sustenance from Bread

Sustenance from Bread

by Shelley Walters on January 16, 2024

Sustenance from Bread

But [Jesus] answered,
"It is written, 'One does not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"

~ Matthew 4:4 

Each time I dive into preparing for a sermon, there’s something in the research and in the reflection that jumps out and gives me an “aha” moment. (If one of these moments doesn’t come, then I’m not nearly done wrestling with that week’s text.)  The “aha” can be a new understanding of where that piece of scripture is coming from, or a shift in how the Bible and my life are talking to one another, or a new lens with which to view current events in the world.
These epiphany moments are like food. They nurture my life in seen and unseen ways, giving hope and wonder ­– sustenance that nourishes at a deeper level than most other things I spend time on.
At times these revelations can translate to a sermon just fine, but often when I preach, I feel they can get lost or just cannot be digested fully in the sermon’s fleeting format.
Enter “Bread for Our Journey.

When Laura Schwarcz and I were discerning how to give opportunities for faith development through the pandemic, we had an idea: What if we offered something through email for folks to do on their own, with their families, or with small groups all at their own time, pace, and place?

In January of 2021, we began putting together weekly reflections entitled "Bread for Our Journey," and over the last three years, the work has evolved into something that every person can dive into however deeply they would like. Folks can spend a few minutes just reading something about scripture, or they can hear from new voices and scholars, experience a spiritual practice, have a conversation with their kids about faith, and reflect on how all of this intersects with their lives and our world.

Not only have hundreds of Saint John’s members used this resource each week since we began, but now over 50 churches across the country have used "Bread for Our Journey" during Advent seasons. We have heard from readers that Bread is helping to close the gap between the learning that happens in seminary and the limits of learning in the pews.

I hope your faith journey is being nourished in many ways. If "Bread for Our Journey" could be another source of nourishment, find out below how

Grace and peace for your journey.

Explore Bread with the Prophets

Through this season’s worship series “The Prophetic Life,” we are reflecting on what messages prophets brought long ago and who listened. We are also asking: Who brings messages today? Who needs to be holding a microphone to speak? How are we listening?
Hear from voices that may be new to you each week.
Click here to check out this week’s "Bread for Our Journey."
If you would like to begin receiving "Bread for Our Journey" weekly emails, click here

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