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Your Generosity at Work Transcript

    08.18.21 |


    "Thank you for all your amazing time and continued support towards helping our neighbors in need. This program couldn't be done without you."

    -Stephanie Humphreys, executive director Hope Food pantry.

    "Thank you so much for the opportunity to be recipients of St. John's communion rail offering. This allows us to continue making counseling available for all people helping them to have a new life.

    -Natalie Alba, operations director New Life Institute.

    "St. John's you've shown up. Thank you so much for your generosity of time and resources. It's been such a relief to get tangible assistance to families in a timely manner with few barriers."

    -Crystal Gailbreth, McCallum vertical team licensed mental health professionals of Austin ISD

    "Wonderful, we love having your support."

    -Patti McKay, program director Casa Marianella

    "Thank you St. John's for your gift that helps address educational inequities in the lives of students currently have 2100 students on the path to attaining a post secondary degree."

    - Michael Griffith, executive director Central Texas Breakthrough.

    "Thank you for your recent donations because of your contributions. We are able to continue our work supporting families and our family stability program and feed my people breakfast."

    Monty Osborne, executive director Foundation for the Homeless.

    "Thank you for helping provide life changing education and assistance to immigrants who arrived from around the world and by doing so build a more inclusive and productive society."

    -La Posada Providencia, Brownsville, Texas.

    "Thank you, St. Johns. For all your continued support. We couldn't do this important service to the community without your volunteers.

    -With gratitude, iAct Hands on Housing team.

    "Because of your relentless advocacy and being a coalition partner, Pastor Steven Tindo and an ordained minister, activist, and asylum seeker from Uganda was freed today after two years of detention."

    -Amnesty International.

    These are many expressions of gratitude that are extended to Saint John's each year and to our community. As co-chair of RTMS Risk Taking Mission and Service Committee, I've got the privilege of seeing these "thank yous". But it's not often that we have a forum as an entire church to be able to share and reflect on the true impact that we make. These sentiments that I just shared represent our congregation's collective belief that every human deserves food on the table, a roof over their head, and an opportunity to learn and grow. My wife, Patsy, and I give to Saint John's because we want to be a part of this energy that's so ingrained in our church family. Whether you've donated money, swiped a paintbrush on the side of a building, or held out a hand and sat with someone who's truly in need. You've shown a desire to give of yourself for the betterment of others. I'm proud to be a part of a congregation that consistently calls on us to demonstrate this spirit.