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COVID-19 Policies

Saint John's COVID-19 guidelines for our community.

Saint John's COVID-19 guidelines for our community.

Updated September 20, 2021: Staff and the COVID Task Force continue to monitor the current data and have started to plan for events once levels return to lower stages.

We are currently in Stage 5 of the Travis County's modified guidelines.

The guidelines have changed since the first time Travis County was in stage 5 due to the availability of the vaccine. We are still taking precautions, however, due to the severity of the Delta Variant of COVID-19.

Find a PDF Version of this chart here.

Small groups may gather in groups of 10 or fewer and must be masked. This page will be updated every Monday.



Stage 2 Guidelines (April 2021) We are in CURRENTLY IN STAGE 5 in September 2021

Saint John’s United Methodist Phase 2 guidelines and procedures

Saint John’s United Methodist Church will continue to follow the COVID-19: Risk Based Guidelines published by Austin Public Health. We will follow the guidelines set in stages 4 and 5, which you can read here, with the addition of Small-Group Church Gatherings (when Austin entered phase 3). Stage 2 allows us to gather for worship in-person. You can also read the  small group rules at the bottom of the page; we have raised the number of participants from “10” to “25.” 

The service will continue to be broadcast to Facebook Live and on our website at at 11:00 am. 

Now that cases of COVID-19 have gone down, the church is open for small group gatherings. To facilitate social distancing, participation will be limited and by reservation only. Reservations prevent us from exceeding capacity or needing to turn anyone away at the door for capacity reasons. More than one group may be scheduled at the same time as long as they do not congregate in the same space. For example, Grace Garden will be on campus in certain rooms while others are gathered there. Scheduled small-group gatherings may be scheduled in the following on-site locations:  

  • The yard of any church building (10 or fewer participants – use bathroom in 5900 or 5908 Wynona)  

  • Fellowship Hall (10 or fewer participants – use main bathroom)  

  • Chapel (10 or fewer participants – use main bathroom)  

  • Playground (10 or fewer participants – use main bathroom)  

  • Back room of 5900 Wynona (5 or fewer participants)– use bathroom in 5900 Wynona)  

  • Youth House (10 or fewer youth ministry participants – use bathroom in 5908 Wynona)  

  • Large upstairs classroom (10 or fewer participants – use upstairs bathroom)  

  • Great Hall (10 or fewer participants – use upstairs bathroom)  

Because our policies have worked to keep you, your families, and our staff safe, we will continue implementing our current safety protocols. We will continue to require all staff and visitors to wear masks on church property. Saint John's COVID-19 protocols and procedures have been and will continue to be based on the CDC's Guidelines for Communities of Faith.

Participants in Small-Group Church Gatherings must:  

  • Complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire before attending your event for self-reflection.  

  • Wear masks to participate in person.  

  • Clean hands with sanitizer immediately before gathering.  

  • Maintain a 6-foot distance from each other at all times.  

  • Stay home when sick, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or have tested positive for COVID-19.  

  • Children in kindergarten and older will be asked to wear masks as adults do. This is in line with AISD recommendations.   

Additional Procedures:  

Physical guides and one-way routes in hallways will be posted to help participants maintain a 6-foot distance.   

Rooms will be set up for gatherings ahead of time by Saint John's staff. These specifications may be indicated when making an online room reservation Request for Scheduling Meetings/Events.   

The organizer or leader of any small-group gathering should clean and disinfect chairs and tables before and after each event. Bleach wipes and sanitizer will be provided in each room. The leader should also get there 15 minutes early to open the windows/doors for airflow to be improved and to spray Lysol in the room. This will be provided on a sign in each room.  

If gathering indoors, windows or exterior doors should be opened to encourage airflow.   

Any participant who uses the restroom must wear a mask, sanitize hands before and after and only use the designated bathroom.   

Eating during gatherings is discouraged. If you must eat, please do so outside with carefully packaged elements.  

Please bring your own water – the water fountains have been shut off during COVID-19.   

There must be one-hour between events for air out each room.