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Leadership at Saint John's

Lay leaders and committees descriptions


Saint John's is supported in many ways by clergy, staff and many, many volunteers. You can read on for information about church council, nominations, and committees.


Church Council, meets monthly

church council, led by our clergy  

Saint John’s United Methodist Church
The Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development 2022

Church Council
• Chair, Brett Arnold
• Staff-Parish Relations Chair and Vice Chair, Karen Hale
• Lay Leader, Pat Stewart
• Church Treasurer, John German
• Assistant Church Treasurer, Sheila Wojcik
• Church Secretary, Maggie Wolfe
• Representative, Congregational Care, Paul Mollenhauer
• Chair, Intentional Faith Development, Patsy Hickey
• Chair, Passionate Worship, Don Anderson
• Chair, Hospitality, Javi Lopez-Schulze
• Co-chairs, Risk-Taking Mission and Service, Deborah Dorff and Lyn Loeffler
• Chair, Youth Council, Erin Arnold
• Chair, Children and Family Ministries, Stacy Sparks
• Chair, Board of Trustees, elected by committee, Cathy Kyle
• Chair, Committee on Finance, Adam Haynes
• Chair, Endowment Committee elected by committee, Kerri Rowland
• Grace Garden Board, Rep. Kim Watts
• UMW President or Representative, Frances Pierson
• At-Large Member, Dick Senn (2024)
• At-Large Member, Shirley Dickson (2023)
• At-Large Member, Martha McGlothlin (2022)
• Pastors, Randy Knighten, Hilary Marchbanks
• Annual Conference Lay Delegates Saul Pacheco, John Thomason, Pat Stewart, Maggie Wolfe

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development
Chair: Hilary Marchbanks, Ex-officio: Lay Leader, Pat Stewart

Committee on Hospitality
Chair: Javi Lopez-Schulze, Staff: Rebecca Witte

Committee on Passionate Worship
Chair: Don Anderson, Staff: Cina Crisara

Committee on Intentional Faith Development
Chair: Patsy Hickey, Staff: Shelley Walters

Committee on Risk-Taking Mission and Service
Co-Chairs: Deborah Dorff and Lyn Loeffler Staff: Randy Knighten

Children and Family Ministries Committee
Chair: Stacy Sparks, Staff: Laura Schwarcz

Youth Council
Chair: Erin Arnold, Staff: Shelley Walters

Staff-Parish Relations Committee
Chair: Jennifer Heath, Staff: Hilary Marchbanks

Board of Trustees
Chair: Cathy Kyle, Staff: Jennifer Heath, Rick Beaird
Ex-officio: Finance Rep, elected by Finance; Council Ch., Brett Arnold; Secretary, (self-selected); Forward Steps consultant: Tim Hill; Grace Garden Representative, Grace Garden elects

Committee on Finance
Chair: Adam Haynes, Staff: Jennifer Heath, Hilary Marchbanks

Committee on Endowment
Chair: Kerri Rowland, Staff: Jennifer Heath

Memorials Committee
Chair: Zada Doherty Staff: Jennifer Heath

Grace Garden Board
Chair: Kim Watts (class of 2022) Katie Foley, Laura Schwarcz, staff liaisons

Research Team, LGBTQ
Staff: Hilary Marchbanks, Shelley Walters
Team: Rowland Curry, Maggie Wolfe, Cathy Kyle, Kathleen Harrington, Deirdre Walsh, Beth McHorse, Cate Nollert (ex officio members: Lay Leader, Pat Stewart, Council Chair Brett Arnold)

Research Team, Diversity and Inclusion
Staff: Hilary Marchbanks, Randy Knighten
Team: Saul Pacheco, Midge Epstein, Deborah Dorff, Anne Mund, Patsy Hickey, Pat Stewart, Ruth Airhart, Jim Newman, Laura Dooley, Stacy Sparks