Our Children's Ministry offers Sunday School classes, mission projects, special parenting classes and preschool education. On Sunday mornings, three- and four-year-olds are learning about God through art with our "Seasons of the Spirit" curriculum, while our school-aged kids participate in Godly Play. We also have music time on Sunday mornings, and Children's Time during worship at both 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. During the week,Grace Garden Child Development Center serves preschool children Tuesday through Friday.

Children Ages 3 – 4: Room 105
“Seasons of the Spirit” lessons present Bible stories that follow the themes of our church year. Art, games and drama are used to engage the young child—and occasionally a mini-outreach project is included. **Please note: Children must be three years old by June of the entering year.

Kindergarten to 1st Grade: Room 103
2nd–3rd Grades Room 104

Children will begin their session at 9:55 with singing in the Chapel, and then they will be led to the appropriate “Godly Play” classroom. In Godly Play, religious ideas and stories are given tangible form. Every story or lesson has its own handcrafted set of figures or objects, which children are encouraged to handle and play with. This helps the children to enter the stories in a reflective and playful frame of mind-- engaging with mind, body and spirit. Children are invited to explore the story with open questions and discussion, and then to respond using a variety of materials.

Children 4th-5th Grades: Room 101
Children will begin their session at 9:55 with singing in the Chapel, and then they will be led to their classroom. “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum follows the outline of the church year and utilizes a variety of experiences to help children engage with the Bible and to nurture a growing faith. Lessons are designed to send children into the contemporary world with its current events and issues. Curriculum is enriched by regular, hands-on mission activities as students explore putting faith into action.

Grace Garden Preschool
Grace Garden offers an affordable educational experience for toddlers and pre-school children in a Christian environment. Located in the Allandale neighborhood, Grace Garden serves children ages 18 months through pre-K. Visit the website for more information.